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Nursing Workshop: Let's Clock In

Nursing Workshop: Let's Clock In

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 Welcome to Rachael King's Nursing Workshop 🏩💕

Meet Rachael King, RN, BSN

With a rich background in nursing spanning over 10 states, three specialties, and experience in five Level 1 Trauma and multiple teaching hospitals, Rachael King has gathered invaluable insights into the healthcare industry. Now a manager with ongoing bedside experience to stay updated on profession trends, Rachael understands precisely what hospitals require and how to cultivate top-quality talent within them.

Racheal received her ASN from Southern Regional Technical College, her BSN from ABAC, and is currently pursuing her MSN as an Informatics Student at Western Governor’s University. With her dynamic experience, securing prestigious positions through strategic collaborations, such as with Dreka Burgess of Alchemy Agency Group, LLC, Rachael has not only landed roles at The Mayo Clinic, rated the number one hospital in the world, but has also floated across multiple Emory campuses and worked at the third-ranked children’s hospital globally, Texas Children’s Hospital. Rachael brings a wealth of experience from various states and specialties to her role as both a manager and a bedside nurse, staying updated on the latest trends in nursing.

Why Choose This Workshop?

Whether you're a nursing student, a recent graduate, or an experienced nurse, Rachael’s workshop is  designed to be your ultimate guide and mentor in navigating the complexities of the nursing profession. With tailored sessions across two informative days, participants will gain crucial insights and tools needed for success in both general nursing and travel nursing.

This workshop is designed to be your all-in-one guide and mentor in navigating the complex world of nursing. Whether you’re a nursing student, a new graduate, an experienced nurse, or even a high schooler looking to get a head start on a nursing career, these sessions are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for success. Collaborating with seasoned professionals and leveraging experiences from across the globe, Rachael and her team provide proven strategies to secure high-paying jobs in competitive markets.

As the nursing market becomes more competitive let us here at Alchemy Agency Group Nursing help you in securing your high paying job whether you want to stay close to home or travel the world. The opportunities are endless.

Workshop Details

Key topics include:

  • Educational Pathways: Choosing a program, understanding financial aid, GPA requirements, TEAS/HESI preparation, and more.
  • Academic Success: Stress management, effective study planning, test-taking strategies, and expert panel advice.
  • Professional Preparation: Nursing skills training, NCLEX preparation, job interview techniques, and navigating new nurse responsibilities.
  • Real-World Insights: Learn from a compact licensed and experienced strike nurse with insights into various nursing requirements across states like Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, and New York.


What’s Included in Each Workshop:

Day 1: Nursing Students and Newbie Nurses

Date: August 17, 2024

You’ve landed on the right spot if you're battling the challenges of nursing school or feeling overwhelmed in your first job. This workshop is a treasure trove of resources, provided by experienced nurses who've been exactly where you are now. From selecting the right nursing program to landing and excelling in your first nursing job, we cover it all. 

Day 1 Topics: All The Basics

1. Introduction to Nursing Programs

  • Choose the Right Program
  • Overview of Nursing School Experience 
  • Exploring Motivations for Becoming a Nurse

2.  Admissions and Preparation

  • GPA and Admission Requirements
  • General Overview of Admission Testing (HESI, TEAS)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Options

3. Academic and Personal Development

  • Study, Planning, and Organization Strategies
  • Test-Taking and Stress Management Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence Development

4. Managing Relationships in Nursing School

  • Conflict Resolution with Staff and Peers
  • Approaches to Handling Conflicts with Instructors

5. Career Planning and Advancement

  • Options if Not Successful in a Nursing Program
  • NCLEX Study Tips
  • Interview Tips and Tricks
  • Choosing a Nursing Specialty 

6. Transition to Professional Nursing

  • First Nursing Job: Residency and Preceptorship Explained
  • Learning Boundaries in Your First Job
  • Releasing the Mindset of Fear

Day 2: Travel Nursing Focus

Date: August 18, 2024

Ideal for experienced nurses or graduates interested in travel nursing, this session covers everything from understanding the demands of travel nursing to seizing the best opportunities. Key insights from a variety of panel speakers will ensure you're equipped to embark on this exciting path.


Day 2 Topics:

1. Introduction to Travel Nursing

  • Role, Responsibilities, and Work Environment
  • Qualifications, Required Experience, and Preparation Checklist
  • Understanding Travel Nurse Pay Structures

2.  Optimizing Travel Nurse Benefits

  • Utilizing for Maximum Stipend Negotiation
  • Navigating Tax Codes and Financial Benefits

3. Traveling as a Nurse

  • Solo Travel: Situational Awareness, Lifestyle, and Health
  • Traveling with Facility: Logistics with Pets, Children, and Partners
  • Housing, Transportation, and Daycare Options

4.  Financial and Career Advancement

  • Money Management for Travel Nurses
  • Exploring Investment Opportunities with Insights from and Experienced Banker
  • Resume Development and Interview Strategies

5.  Agency and Job Market Navigation

  • First Nursing Job: Residency and Preceptorship Explained
  • Learning Boundaries in Your First Job
  • Releasing the Mindset of Fear

6.  Advanced Nursing Education and Career Paths

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) School: Admissions, Financial Aid, and Preceptorship Options
  • NP School and Career Testimonials from Experienced NPs

7.  Personal Growth and Development

  • Exploring and Expanding Your Career Options
  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset Throughout Your Career

What’s Included in Each Workshop:

  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Engaging Expert Panel Q&A
  • Personal Workbook, Notebook, Organizer, and Planner
  • Tote Bag with Pens
  • Vision Board/Networking Mixer to conclude the class
  • Exclusive Giveaway: All participants will enter special giveaways

Special Features

  • Interactive Panel Discussions: Learn directly from a panel of nursing instructors and successful nurses.
  • Vision Board Networking Mixer: A creative session to visualize and map out your professional goals, helping you to stay motivated and focused.
  • Interview Prep: Diverse knowledge and experience in different interview styles including AI, panel, peer-to-peer, and upper level management interviews.

Additional Opportunities

Our workshop is also poised for high school seniors and college students seeking a head start in a nursing career. Even if you’re contemplating a nursing career and unsure of what to expect, sign up and invest in yourself!

Ready to Step Up?

Join Rachael King and a panel of seasoned nurses as they guide you through the intricate world of nursing. If you’re ready to unlock your full potential and start living the best possible life, don’t hesitate. 

Alchemy Agency Nursing wants you to step forward into this rewarding career with faith and boldness. So many new nurses fear, “What if it’s too hard, or I can’t do it.” Yes, you can, and yes, you will. Let’s walk through it together, so you don’t have to be scared or alone. #LetsClockIn

Payment Options?

  • $500 Full Payment
  • $125 Deposit: Choosing this option, allows you to pay a non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due on/before August 7th, 2024. Please contact Rachael King at or (229) 402-6796 to complete payment. 
  • Zelle and ApplePay: Please contact Rachael King at or (229) 402-6796 to pay via Zelle or Apple Pay.
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